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Job Description

Technical support is a post under the engineering service department, which mainly provides knowledge training, technical guidance and on-site guidance for engineering service personnel. Assist engineering service personnel to provide on-site services for customers, cooperate with installation companies or agents for engineering debugging, acceptance, maintenance, and provide pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services for the market.

Service method

1135 service work method
"1" = a center: customer centered;
"1" = a guide: market-oriented;
"3" = the three cornerstone: enthusiastic service / attitude
                                         Careful judgement / behavior
                                         Efficient disposal / results;

"5" = five steps: thorough understanding (fully communicate and understand the engineering situation).
                       Guide (carefully and carefully guide wiring).
                       Programming (careful programming host program)
                       Troubleshooting (rigorous and careful troubleshooting)
                       Training (effective training for customers).

Precision Service

Precision service is the technical support of engineering service department to respond to customer and market demand, support the company's work in various regions, with the goal of improving the technical level of front-line service personnel. Selected and sent skilled employees to various regions to carry out job training, opinion collection, engineering services and other work of an activity, for the development of the market to solve the problem, by the customer praise.


Technical Advice

Customer Training

Customer training is one of the important work of engineering service technical support from year to year, bengbu is in fire electronics co., LTD under 20 years of development, has become the domestic fire industry well-known enterprises, every year there are a large number of customers to the company investigation study, technical support to assist related departments to carry out the product knowledge training, common failure problems, help customers to better familiar with the company culture, the products of the company.

Contact channel

(1) national unified service hotline: 400-0552-119
(2) technical support: 0552-2853947

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